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Very Low Rates in the Market

How are you able to offer rates lower than Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase and the list goes on?

It’s simple, when you get a mortgage by walking into any of your popular bank branches you're paying retail fees for that mortgage. The banks have to pay for the building lease, employees, marketing, and software systems to name a few cost for every branch they operate. Well those costs are passed on to you the consumer. Therefore, you're paying what we commonly refer to as retail pricing. Similar to any other product you may buy in a store.

Mortgage brokers have the ability to obtain mortgages at a wholesale rate and depending on how much they mark up the fees will determine your cost.

How we're different at Mount Diablo Lending is our markup on the wholesale pricing for mortgage interest rates is extremely low. So, you the consumers are getting mortgage interest rates with competitive price and fees.

We're successful with this model primarily because of the high volume of mortgages we originate on a monthly basis.

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Today's Rates (First Loans)

  • Conforming
  • Super Conforming
Program Rate Points APR
30 Year Fixed Rate 4.125% 0 4.263%
15 Year Fixed Rate 3.5% 0 3.74%
5 Year Adjustable Rate 3.99% 0 4.999%
Program Rate Points APR
30 Year Fixed Rate - Super Conforming 4.25% 0 4.379%
15 Year Fixed Rate - Super Conforming 3.625% 0 3.849%
5 Year Adjustable Rate Mortgage - Super Conforming 4.5% 0 5.179%
7 Year Adjustable Rate - Super Conforming 4.5% 0 5.078%
10 Year Adjustable Rate - Super Conforming 4.625% 0 5.03%

Mount Diablo Lending Zillow Reviews

We found Mt Diablo through Zillow -- frankly we weren't planning on doing a refi, but when we saw how low the rates were it didn't make sense not to refi. It was very painless -- we gathered the list of documents needed, uploaded to the Mt Diablo website, were approved and it closed quite quickly. Very painless.

05/03/2015 by junk4j, Berkeley, CA 94703

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