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Rate Lock Policy

Our system allows you to submit a lock request 24/7.  We do require that you complete our application process in order to submit a lock request.  Purchase loans cannot be locked until in contract.  Refinance loans can be locked at any point after application process is complete.

How do I lock?

We’ve made the process very simple, just follow these steps:
  1. Complete our online application (takes about 20 minutes)
  2. Choose your rate
  3. Upload the required documents (all requested documents must be submitted)
  4. Pay for you appraisal

Our system will assign your file to a loan processor, who will create a set of initial disclosures reflecting the desired rate.  Once you sign and return those disclosures we’ll proceed with locking in the rate.  It’s as simple as that!

How long is my rate locked?

Our average close time is an industry leading 22 days, for that reason we encourage our clients to lock on a 30 day period which gives us plenty of time to get your loan closed.  Part of the reason we are able to offer such exceptionally low rates is due to our efficiencies.  These efficiencies also enable us to close our client’s loans faster than our competitors.  A lot of consumers don’t realize having a longer lock period increases closing cost.  The market charges all lenders higher closing cost for lock periods that exceed 30 days.

If my loan is locked and the market improves, can I take advantage of a lower rate?

We do offer what is referred to as a “float down”.  A client becomes eligible for a float down if the market has substantially improved after the initial lock.  Now, it’s very important the consumer understands how this works.  There is a fee to float down a rate.  So the market must improve enough to first pay the float down fee then any improvement above that can go to the client.  A float down fee is approximately 50 bps towards closing cost.  It is very rare that within a refinance or purchase loan period the market moves enough for a client to take advantage of a float down and still realize some benefit.  Remember our average close time is 22 days, so the market has to make a major shift within that timeframe.  We do not see this happen very often.  So we always tell clients, once your locked…..your locked!

How do you offer such low interest rates?

We dedicated a whole page to explaining this, just click here

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Today's Rates (First Loans)

  • Conforming
  • Super Conforming
Program Rate Points APR
30 Year Fixed Rate 4.125% 0 4.263%
15 Year Fixed Rate 3.5% 0 3.74%
5 Year Adjustable Rate 3.99% 0 4.999%
Program Rate Points APR
30 Year Fixed Rate - Super Conforming 4.25% 0 4.379%
15 Year Fixed Rate - Super Conforming 3.625% 0 3.849%
5 Year Adjustable Rate Mortgage - Super Conforming 4.5% 0 5.179%
7 Year Adjustable Rate - Super Conforming 4.5% 0 5.078%
10 Year Adjustable Rate - Super Conforming 4.625% 0 5.03%

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We found Mt Diablo through Zillow -- frankly we weren't planning on doing a refi, but when we saw how low the rates were it didn't make sense not to refi. It was very painless -- we gathered the list of documents needed, uploaded to the Mt Diablo website, were approved and it closed quite quickly. Very painless.

05/03/2015 by junk4j, Berkeley, CA 94703

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